Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Demystifying AI is a Analytics Masterclass series that (try to) disambiguate the jargon and myths surrounding Artificial Intelligence

AI and Machine Learning (ML) are probably the most fascinating technologies of the 21st century. AI is literally in every industry now. From medical to climate change, education to sport, finance to entertainment, AI is disrupting every industry as we know. So, the basic knowledge of Al/ML becomes mandatory for everyone.

This Masterclass is your first step to start the journey in this field. Along with basic concepts of fields, like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP, we also had peek into how big companies are using these technologies to deliver greater user experience and earning millions of dollars in profit.

This Masterclass was benefecial for anyone who is curious about this fascinating technology and how it really works at its core. It is also beneficial to those who want to start their career in Al/ML.