How to Consume Analytics as Business Leaders

Today's business leaders are flooded with material on analytics around tools, technology and solution providers.

This has a two-pronged effect of creating high expectations and greater stress on analytic projects.

This masterclass seeks to work with business leaders and help them frame better goals, work better with analytic teams, and maximize success as consumers of analytics.

The event had invite speakers from the BFSI sector who are capitalising on the power of data to derive value across various spheres, ranging from customer engagement, sentiment analysis, cross selling, regulatory compliances management, risk management, financial crime management etc.

The following speakers who addressed the How to Consume Analytics as Business Leaders event:

  • Venkata Pingali, Scribble Data Title: Getting your data right
  • Jayendran GS, Vyakya Technologies Title: Economics of data science
  • Ganesh Iyer, Future Group Title: Designing a data science project for success