Retail Analytics

In the Masterclass on Retail Analytics, our focus will be on understanding how retailers (both brick and mortar and e-tailers) can leverage analytics, machine learning and big data concepts for effective decision making on various aspects of decision making. This could range from demand prediction, merchandising, supply chain management, shelf space allocation, predicting product returns and cancellations, fraud, markdown optimization, promotions, recommender systems, etc. The themes draw upon insights from the field of consumer behavior, retailing, e-tailing, sales and marketing for effective management of retail and e-tail organizations.

The following speakers who addressed the Retail Analytics event:

  • Prof. Pulak Ghosh, Professor, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • Prof. U Dinesh Kumar, Professor, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • Ashish Grover, Technology Head, Reliance Retail Ecommerce Technology
  • Nitin Sareen, Director Analytics, Walmart Technology
  • Subramanian M S, Head of Analytics,