The team of DCAL has the spread as well as the breadth across all the four types of analytics. A data focused decision is apt when a company successfully leverages across all areas of analytics.

Descriptive Analytics

Visualization dashboards using DJ.JS, HTML5, bootstrap, python. Dashboard using Web Development interface of R (Shiny)

Predictive Analytics

Regression & Classification Models, Multinomial classification models, Ensemble Methods, Forecasting. Markov Models, Poisson Processes, warranty analytics, Monte Carlo Analysis, Markov Decision process

Prescriptive Analytics

Linear Programming, Integer Programming, Multi Criteria Decision Making(MCDM), Non Linear programming

Applications of optimization in product mix, scheduling, planning, revenue management, capital budgeting problems

Industry & Sector

Retail, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, HR, Finance, Airlines etc.

Big Data Analytics

Scalable machine learning, Hadoop, Map Reduce, Spark

Machine and Deep Learning

Machine Learning, Regularization, Neural Networks, Video Analytics, Gradient Descent, BFGS