AI Day Speakers

We are proud to announce these fantastic speakers for Research - AI Day

  • Prof. Dinesh Kumar

    Professor, Decision Sciences

    Chair, Career Development Services
    Chair, Data Centre and Analytics Lab

    IIM Bangalore

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  • Mausam

    Associate Professor

    IIT Delhi
    Affiliate Faculty, University of Washington, Seattle

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  • Niloy Ganguly


    Department of Computer Science and Engineering

    IIT Kharagpur

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  • Partha Pratim Talukdar

    Assistant Professor

    Department of Computational and Data Sciences (CDS)
    Department of Computer Science and Automation (CSA)

    IISc Bangalore

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  • Sameep Mehta

    Senior Manager and STSM

    Data and AI Platforms
    IBM Research AI


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  • Seema Chopra

    Associate Technical Fellow - Artificial Intelligence

    Aviation & Aerospace


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  • Vikram Goyal

    Associate Professor

    Computer Science and Engineering

    IIIT Delhi

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AI Day Panelist

Topic: Applying AI : Challenges and Road Ahead
The panel will discuss about the challenges in terms of making AI usable in practical and real world problems.
The topic touches both building consumable models to AI platforms and the issues in using AI in different class of real world problems.

  • Sridharan Devarajan

    Assistant Professor
    IISc Bangalore

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  • Subrat Panda

    Heading AI and Data Sciences
    Capillary Technologies

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  • Vidhushi Marda

    Legal Researcher
    Technology, Policy

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  • Gargi B Dasgupta

    Director, IBM Research India
    CTO, IBM India & South Asia

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