Corporate Collaboration

We at DCAL help business to get a clear view of business data. IIMB's core team of business consultants and data scientists come together to provide an end-to-end analytics solution. This unique combination of business and data modeling expertise sets us apart.

We can offer you an objective insight on any business problem. Our analytics reports will not just help you identify the problem areas but also bring out the root causes of those problems.We are talking about problems that may not be readily apparent to the naked eye. We use data aggregation and mining to tell you what has happened and why it happened, our statistical models will tell you what could happen and our optimization algorithms will advise on what you should do. We can handle volume, variety and velocity to throw out actionable insights.

Our proven methodology will provide the foundation for data backed decision making and help you stay ahead of the game. We like to call it the 'Data Focused Decision'.

We can help you deploy analytics solution and promote an evidence based decision making culture. Be it big data, difficult data or dark data, DCAL has the expertise.